Gary Joseph Barbosa a former physician began writing in October of 2000. He has completed five novels and three feature length screenplays. He is the Founder of Champion 1 Productions, Inc., as well as CEO of the Champion Family of Companies. He has produced several short films, and is currently producing two feature length motion pictures and a TV Reality Show.

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Richard Michaels Stefanik is a Screenwriting Fellow at the American Film Institute, teaches Movie Making at Eckerd College, and lectures about story structure. He wrote, directed and produced numerous short and feature films including: Michael & Christina, Heny Dodd, Once in a Blue Moon, and The Magus.

He is the auther of Structures of Fantasy a screenwriting book that was published under the title of "The Megahit Movies", which was choosen by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Mentors Program.

Richard is currently working with Champion 1 Productions, producing a independent feature film titled, "Double or Nothing", a gangster comedy

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Larry David Donahue has produced three shorts, one feature film, four stage plays, and has written three feature length scripts. He has been the director of production, a steady cam technician, and camera assistant. Editing on Final Cut Pro, his work on Death Breath earned him a Best Editing Award from the Palm Bay Film Festival.

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James LaBudde James came to Florida in 2001 after working for several years at The Filmmaker's Collective in New York City, and was in their head of new acquisitions and business development. He was also the director of their screenplay competition, "Filmcontest.com".

James has written 6 feature films and several short films. In 1998 he had two of his screenplays; "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" and "The Execution Game" optioned by "10 Large Productions" in NY and was a finalist in the prestigious Nichol Fellowship in Screenwriting awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his screenplay "Blood Run" in 1994. He was also a finalist in the Disney Writer's Program for his screenplay "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" in 1998. James continues to write and direct.

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Lloyd Jack Wilson wielded a brush for Disney Studios, and instructed their future artists, he penned, produced and directed the comedy / mystery, "Fear on the Cusp," which enjoyed a two-year run. He wrote the YA adventure novel, "Maximum Graffiti," which he adapted into a 3 D animated screenplay.

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Barbara Cronin Harrington a former assistant casting director in the movies (COCOON, Absence of Malice, Stick) has turned her talents to screenwriting, line editing, writing novels, screenplays and plays. Her
Docu-novel, "GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD" is an inspired version of the murder of a married Roman Catholic priest by his wife in New Port Richey in 1982. Republic Films and I LOVE MOVIES have optioned the book, analogous to a combination of The Thorn birds and Fatal Attraction.

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Donna L. Lengel, completed her first novel Prophecy Fulfilled (1999), co-authored Sui Junis (2003), and wrote an adaptation "Ball Players Choice" (2007). She has also completed an Original Screenplay, "Instinct and Intelligence", and short stories - Bounty Hunter, Half Human-Half Divine.

Her editing skills include: Masterpiece of the Heart, a Children's Picture Book with original Art by the Author, Francoise, currently employed by Disney Productions

She teaches a workshop - "So Here Are the Rules - Now Lets See How to Break Them." Writing rules along with examples of the professionals who successfully break them.

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