Gary Joseph Barbosa a former physician began writing in October of 2000 and has completed the Journal of Rome (JOR), which is a five volume action adventure series that is historically accurate. Although the main character and accompanying family is fictional, the JOR takes the reader on an epic journey through the lives of both hero and heroin in a historical, social and religiously accurate portrayal of life in the second century AD.

Current Author: The Journal of Rome Series
1: Curse of Athena
2: Charioteer
3: Assassin
4: Legionnaire
5: Praetorian

Screenplays: Curse of Athena (2009)
Johnny Be Good, The Real Story (2010)
Maternal Justice (2011)

Producer and Director: Promotional Movie Trailer - Curse of Athena (2004)

Producer: Dark Inside (Short Film 2011)
Double or Nothing (Independent Feature Film 2012)
Maternal Justice ( Pending Studio Feature Film 2012)
Reality TV Show (In Conceptual Development)

Organizations: Florida Screenwriters & Actors Connection (2006 to present)

Accomplishments: Dr. Barbosa retired from medical practice in 1998 and is CEO and principal owner of the Champion Family of Companies, which include: Champion Outdoor, Champion Media Services, Champion Technologies, and Champion 1 Productions.




Richard Michaels Stefanik, President - KCRS Productions Company

Richard was a Screenwriting Fellow at the American Film Institute, where he wrote, directed and produced a dramatic movie, Michael & Christina. He is also Producer-Director of the comedy movie, Henry Dodd, broadcast on Cable-TV and released on DVD in 2004. His second romantic comedy as Producer-Director, Once in a Blue Moon, is now in production and will be released in 2012. He is also the Producer-Director of a short movie, The Magus, and conducts a Movie Making Workshop for Children in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Richard is the author of Structures of Fantasy, a screenwriting book that analyzes the dramatic and comic elements found in popular movies. This book has been chosen by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Mentors Program for inclusion in its list of recommended screenwriting books and is described as "one of the best books on story structure." A revised and expanded edition of this book has been published as The Megahit Movies. The French translation of this book was published in Paris in 2003 by Editions Dixit as "Les Clés Des Plus Grands Succes Cinematographiques."

Richard has taught Story Design and Screenwriting Seminars in cities throughout the world, including London, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood.

Richard held a story development workshop, Making Megahit Movies, at UCLA Extension in 2001 and gave classes on Story Structures in Megahit Movies at the Las Vegas Screenwriters Conference in 2001, 2002 and 2003. He also conducted screenwriting seminars in Los Angeles at the 2002, 2003 and 2004 Screenwriting Expos sponsored by Creative Screenwriting magazine. Richard taught "Story Design: Creating Popular Hollywood Movies, "Writing Exciting Unpredictable Scripts," and "Writing Humorous Characters and Scenes" online classes for Scr(i)pt Magazine. Richard has also published four novels through RMS Publications Company: Monte Carlo, Entanglements, Once in a Blue Moon, and Elixir.

In 2004 Richard lectured about story structure at Sherwood Oaks Meeting with Major Film Executives Workshop in Hollywood and at Sony Studios, Universal Studios and at Paramount Studios. The Megahit Movies Hollywood Story Design Workshop™ was held in San Francisco in 2004, and in Orlando and Hollywood in 2005. Richard lectured in 2006 in Oxford, England at the Oxford International Festival of Films. He also lectured at The Great American PitchFest in Hollywood June 2009.

Richard worked at several Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions. He received M.A. degrees in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley and Georgetown University, and has studied Philosophy at Oxford University. In 2011, he became a member of the Academy of Senior Professionals (ASPEC) at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he conducts MovieMaking workshops.






Death Breath (short)
The Black & White of Truth & Lies (short)
Wilbur's Night Out (short)
The Devil's Courthouse (feature)

Dreamland Motel
Truth & Lies
Gaspar's Gold
Staking My Claim

Dreamland Motel
Serenity Falls
The Black & White of Truth & Lies

STEADYCAM TECHNICIAN: Greyhouse Films (Curtis Graham)
TRANSPORTATION COORDINATOR: A Dance for Bethany (Brian Gurley)
ELECTRICIAN: The Last of the Mohicans (Michael Mann)
CAMERA ASSISTANT: Ford Motor Company (commercial)
TRANSPORTATION: Cadillac - General Motors (commercial)


EDITOR: (Final Cut Pro)
Death Breath (Award - Best Editing - Palm Bay Film Festival)
Wilbur's Night Out
Mojo Risen
The Black & White of Truth & Lies
The Devil's Courthouse

The Black & White of Truth & Lies
The Devil's Courthouse
Gaspar's Gold
Staking My Claim

Death Breath
Wilbur's Night Out
Mojo Risen




Lloyd Jack Wilson's drama began August 11, 1938 in Lorain, Ohio. The big event occurred in the shadow of a historic Lake Erie Lighthouse during a nor'easter storm -- hence, "The Lighthouse Keeper Trilogy" would also be born. As Captain of Patrol Boys at Fairhome Elementary, Lloyd never lost a fellow student on his watch. In the early-fifties, he attended Longfellow Junior High where he excelled at creative writing, and on the stage, more often than he did on a baseball diamond.

After graduating from Lorain High School, where he majored in the art of cool, Lloyd spent seven years in the Ohio National Guard as a weapons expert. Amidst the hot, Dog Days of Summer, he created signs and graphics for a local sign company. Several years after he married his muse, Janet Bohach in the winter of '62, they had sons Chris and Mark. From '73 to '78 Lloyd was the Art Director for The Lorain Journal -- a daily newspaper in the Great Lakes Region. During those years, and into the 80s, he coached championship Little League, American Legion Baseball, and CYO Basketball teams.

Over the next decade, Lloyd created murals and signage at Cedar Point in Ohio, America's top Amusement Park. There, he focused on writing how-to articles for the international magazine, Sign Craft, in order to hone his literary skills. Once the Wilson's sent their sons to college, Lloyd wrote about his family's early connection to the lighthouse. That included other charismatic folks, who lived, loved and endured the rugged life style on the shores of Lake Erie. A novella about his grandfather, a fishing Captain lost on the lake during a fierce nor'easter, is now a thousand pages of "Keeper Trilogy." A Universal Studios script doctor believes the trilogy is rich enough to be adapted into a Hallmark TV series.

During the nineties, when Lloyd wielded a brush for Disney Studios, and instructed their future artists, he penned, produced and directed the comedy/mystery, "Fear on the Cusp." "A paranoid Astrologer, foreseeing her own demise," enjoyed a two year run in, Florida.
Then Lloyd wrote the YA adventure novel, "Maximum Graffiti," which he adapted into a screenplay that's ready for 3-D Animation. "Max, an orphan with a beat up guitar, saves WOW aka, the Wizard of Wishes, from an evil Ghetto Rock Star."

As a member of a New York Times bestselling author's writing/acting group in Orlando, FL, Lloyd realized his niche - the screenplay. From 2002 - 2010, amidst his tenure as moderator for a writers group at the historic city of Tarpon Springs library on the west coast of Florida, he offered decades of writing experience to aspiring writers. With the urging of a New York agent, Lloyd has completed the original screenplay, "Social Insecurity." Knowing the timely drama with music is in the agent's hands, Lloyd reveals that it's, "Glee, Fame, and Footloose on Viagra."

Lloyd told me, "Unless Jan and I move to LA, my writing spirit is on Florida's West Coast. As long as it takes to write the latest drama "Down and Deadly," my heart will remain on the shores of Lake Erie. But, I pray the next nor'easter doesn't take another kid's grandfather."




Barbara Cronin Harrington a former assistant casting director in the movies (COCOON, Absence of Malice, Stick), has turned her talents to screenwriting, line editing, writing novels, screenplays and plays and a writer for hire. Her docu-novel, "GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD" is an inspired version of the murder of a married Roman Catholic priest by his wife in New Port Richey in 1982. While working on the movie COCOON, she told her cousin, Beverly McDermott, an international casting director, that she had first hand knowledge of the murder, since she was friends with both the victim and the murderess. "You have to write that story," Beverly said. "That's a movie waiting to be made." The book, compared to somewhere between The Thornbirds and Fatal Attraction, has been optioned twice for a MOW by Republic Films and I LOVE MOVIES.

Currently Author - 'Short Take' Film - "The Rodman Dam Murders"

Conducting Comprehensive Screenwriting, Writing, Editing, Publishing & Marketing Workshops
Fiction, Non Fiction & Script Line Editor
Guest Speaker for organizations and writing groups.

Non Fiction Books in Progress:

Casting Director YOUR THIRD MAN IN THE RING, Co-Author Brian Garry, International Boxing Referee

Author: GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD - Novel inspired by a true crime (optioned for a Movie Of The Week) LAFF LINES,

36181 East Lake Road, # 185, Palm Harbor, Florida 34685 USA
Phone (727) 787 - 2158; Fax (727) 787 - 8476;

Screenplays: in progress:

2: QUEEN OF THE DECK - Romantic Comedy
3: RODMAN DAM MURDERS (An Unnatural Born Killer) True Crime

Writing Acknowledgements:

Crystal Reel Award for non-published screenplay 2007.




KILL THAT BRIDE - Romantic Comedy
ROMANCE BY PROXY - Romantic Comedy (semi-finalists in the Writer's Network Screenwriters Competition)
The C.R.A.P. SHOOT (short screenplay)
CHRISTENING CAPER - Mystery Dinner Play Asst. Casting Director COCOON - Oscar Nominated Feature Film

Other Florida Film Involvement :


Creator / Host Radio Talk Show - TAKE ONE TALK 1990

Organizations & Accomplishments

FSAC - Founder -Coordinator: Florida Screenwriters & Actors Connection (1990 to present)
FMPTA - Florida Motion Picture & Television Association.
St. Petersburg Writers Club: Past President-
FWA Florida Writers Association - Pinellas Regional Director 2001 (Resigned)
PINAWOR (Pinellas Authors & Writer's Organization) First President
PASAWOR (Pasco Authors & Writer's Organization) Founder & Past President
Moderator/Instructor 1994 / 97 Writers & Script Writer's Critiquing Class
Barnes & Nobel, St. Petersburg & Tampa
Writing Lecturer 2000 / 2001 Pinellas & Pasco County Library's & Arts Council
Entertainment Coordinator 1995 / 96 St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commissions
Annual 'Academy Award Night' Gala
Celebrity Coordinator 1989/91 Hospice 'Reaching For The Stars' Gala
Casting/Assistant Director Tampa Human Service Alliance for Handicapped

Training Films

Creator/Producer/Director IAPES ABDOMEN - An original comedy skit featured on television's PM Magazine.
Producer/Director Video coverage of the International Convention for the State of
Florida Dept. of Labor Organization (Winner of Florida State Award)
Producer/Director Senior Youth Festival at the Coliseum
Producer/Director St. Petersburg 'Cocoon Premier Extravaganza'
Co-Producer Beverly McDermott, International Casting Director Seminars




Donna L. Lengel, after completing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, earning a 3.8 GPA and working on her Masters in Literature, began her teaching career as former Middle School Assistant, then Graduate Assistant to the English Department of University of Reno. She returned to Tampa Bay Area and began writing poetry and short stories while becoming a Real Estate Broker and General Contractor in the State of Florida.

Completed Works

-1999 first novel, Prophecy Fulfilled.
-2003 Co-Authored with Ted McLane, Attorney, an historical legal thriller novel, Sui Juris
-2007completed first Full-length Screenplay of A Ballplayer's Choice, an adaptation of the book written by Reed Lengel, her brother.
Group Writer for film short Electric Picasso for St. Petersburg film Society
Nominated Judge in Pinellas Writing Contest

36181 East Lake Road, # 185, Palm Harbor, Florida 34685 USA
Phone (727) 787 - 2158; Fax (727) 787 - 8476


PINAWOR (Pinellas Authors & Writer's Organization) Former Treasurer - 2001-Present
PASAWOR (Pasco Authors & Writer's Organization) - 2002-2006
FSAC - Board Member Florida Screenwriters & Actors Connection (2005 to present)
Screen Writers Group of Pinellas - 2003-Present

Works in Progress

Original Screenplay - Instinct and Intelligence
Short Stories - Bounty Hunter, Half Human-Half Divine,
Editing - Masterpiece of the Heart, Children's Picture Book with original Art by the Author, Francoise, currently employed by Disney Productions
- All You Ever Wanted to Know About Healing, Natural Healing by Psychiatrist-Author, Lisa Raphael
Workshop - "So Here Are the Rules - Now Lets See How to Break Them." Must- know writing rules along with examples of the professionals who successfully break them






Champion 1 Productions, Inc.
10018 Downey Sanford Bridge Road
Downey, California 90240
Phone (323)-632-3247

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