Mission Statement

CHAMPION 1 PRODUCTIONS ("C 1 P") specializes in the adaptations of novels into screenplays for motion pictures, the production of promotional movie or book trailers, and the production of feature films. We have a very talented pool of writing professionals who can adapt any novel into a marketable script. Each of our writers are passionate about their work, and have experience in every imaginable genre.

Feature Films - C1P partners with other production facilities and studios in order to get significant distribution for its flims.

Screenplay Promotional Trailers amplify the marketability and high concept of the screenplay. This illustrates the author's financial and creative commitment that results in setting themselves apart from others seeking a green light for their feature film.

In such a superior position, C 1 P can facilitate negotiations by and between prospective production partners and the author in order to maximize the author's reward for years of hard work. Negotiating from a position of strength using the professionals at C 1 P allows the author to achieve a greater financial benefit than through traditional Agent / Author relationships.

Book Promotional Trailers are extrapolated from the screenplay promotional trailers, or are produced individually in order to augment the sales of books. Trailers produced are movie grade while being surprisingly affordable.

These trailers are a driving force to their corresponding books. Sales are tracked as compared to the number of hits / views per trailer versus the number of books sold. The trailers make the books more marketable since books with high quality trailers outsell books without trailers. How many books have trailers on Amazon? None. A book trailer will set you apart from the pack.

In this venue, C 1 P is currently the only company that produces high quality book trailers using personal who are experienced in producing high quality, low cost films. In 2004 we produced our first Screenplay Promotional Trailer for "Curse of Athena," a period piece set in the second century. This was edited down to several versions one of which is a "Book Promotional Trailer" featured on this website. If you are a film maker or seriously considering C 1 P for production of your film or trialer, you may view the other verisons of our Curse of Athena trailers by inputing a code, issued upon request.

Each project is independently evaluated and planned with the author, who serves as a consultant on the project from start to finish. Our goal is to capture the creative vision of the story and excite readers to purchase the book, script or highten their interest in seeing the film.

Champion 1 Productions, Inc.

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